Who We Are

We weave brands into the fabric of the city.

Our Beliefs & Values

We believe that there is an untapped opportunity to transform cities with innovative services and beautiful public spaces by bringing together corporations and cities.

By speaking to the right people, tapping into the latest technologies, and matching brands with city changemakers, we can build experiences that serve and delight citizens. We are connectors, catalysts, and innovators. We look beyond the surface to see the future. We are not afraid to take risks. Our solutions create sustainable and equitable impact. We don’t exploit the community or the environment. We always do the right thing. We take the long view and don’t cut corners. Above all, we help weave brand experiences into the urban fabric.

Our People

Jonathan Schulhof
Founder and CEO

Rupert Day
CEO, tenthavenue

Lance Maerov
Head of Corporate Development, WPP North America


Brad Bryen
VP, Marketing

Johan Salén
VP, Business Development

What We Do For Our Clients

Learn how we connect smart city services companies, real estate project owners, and brands to deliver value to the community.

What we do