What We Do

We offer tailor-made media solutions for brands, cities, and smart city program operators.

Our Impact

We fund urban improvements by creating sponsorship and media programs that enhance community life, and that cities and brands want to participate in.

We fund innovative services that improve city life with convenience, joy, beauty, and resiliency. We define and build compelling sponsorship and media opportunities that connect brands with positive community impact. We find the right match that aligns the interests of the city, the community, the services provider, and the brands.

Brands have difficulty reaching an elusive audience using traditional media. We engage with relevant everyday experiences and highly frequented spaces.

Citizens are sceptical of brand intentions. We link brands to urban progress and political wins.

Cities need innovative funding with public-private partnerships to address infrastructure and social service needs. We enable cities and corporations to collaborate on projects that create celebrated spaces and services for citizens.

Consumers want more informed purchase decisions and higher levels of service. Our programs create authentic and contextual connections with consumers by enhancing spaces, infrastructure, and services that they value.

Our Capabilities

We offer turnkey media-related services focused on making smart city programs successful, while delivering strong marketing ROI.

Media definition
Brand integration strategies
Design & build of media assets
Content & Experiential support
Financial solutions and media sales

Our Services

We offer turn-key support for corporate sponsorship programs tied to real estate development, public spaces, and smart city services.


Do you want use innovative media programs to fund your community improvements?

We work with corporations that want to bring vibrancy to urban experiences, and help realize the city’s social objectives.

Smart city technology and service providers

Do you want to finance your services with corporate sponsorship and media related revenue?

Our program helps smart city technology and service providers win new projects, create new revenue sources, drive adoption, and enhance quality of life within communities.

Brand Partners

Do you want to weave your brand into the urban fabric with programs that deliver marketing ROI and that improve communities?

We help brands use urban spaces and digital experiences to create powerful long-term sponsorship and marketing platforms, with quantified returns. This way, brand values are seamlessly woven into the urban fabric and into the hearts and minds of the public.

Our Partners

We work with best-in-class partners to deliver extraordinary cross-platform experiences.


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Would you like to find out more about our services and partnership opportunities? We would love to help you.

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